Innovation centre (IC) was established on 1st of July 1994 on initiative of Kaunas University of Technology (KUT).
IC searches for new technologies and products in subdivisions of KUT, organizes advertising of know-how and promising innovations, publishes buclets, takes part in exhibitions, publishes articles in periodicals, is involved in technology transfer and commercalisation.

IC has carried out research on demand and supply of innovations in Lithuania. The research allowed to accumulate data basis of technologies, new products and fulfilled scientific - engineering projects. The first edition of Lithuanian Innovations Projects was published in 1998 together with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. The second edition of Lithuanian Innovation Projects catalogue has been published in 2001.

Since 1995 IC has been preparing SMEs support model analogical to business support structure of European countries. Possibilities to establish business incubator in Kaunas were examined in September 1995. Regional SMEs support program was prepared in 1996. Conception of business incubator was prepared in April 1997. Technology centre in Kaunas was established during 1997 - 1998. The partners are: Kaunas University of Technology, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, GFE GmbH and German bank KfW. This project is carried out in accordance with TRANSFORM program of German Government. Project number is Dta- PN: EA2 - sfr - stu MOE- 336. The main object of Technology centre is to support emerging SMEs of technological profile, renting premises on favorable conditions, providing professional consultations of experts from Kaunas University of Technology and other institutions, and creating conditions to use together orgtechnics and other office services.

The Centre arranges the advertising of innovations in specialised exhibitions and publications locally and abroad. The Centre presented exposition of Lithuanian innovations in the exhibition "Balttechnika" (Litexpo, Vilnius), Innovation Fairs (Leipcig, Germany), Hannovermesse (Hannover, Germany), "Baltic innovations" (Riga, Tallinn, Sankt-Petersburg) and other innovation events, organised international exhibition "Baltic Innovations'97", constantly organised regional exhibition "Let us buy Lithuanian good" (1995 - 1998).

Kaunas Innovation Centre constantly organises seminars for representatives from small and medium sized business. International Conferences "Problems and Perspectives of Innovation-oriented Activity in Central and East European Countries" (June 1997, 2000 Kaunas, Lithuania) were the biggest of our events. Representatives from some 16 European countries took part in each of the Conferences.

The centre prepared a number of important projects to Kaunas County:

Feasibility study on Kaunas transportation terminal (May 1995).
Feasibility study on construction of modern Lithuanian packaging plant (June 1995).
State programme on renovation of residential houses (Initiated by the Ministry of Construction and Urbanisation, since March 1995).
The Centre prepared the Regional Business Development model (Approved of by a number of local and national authorities and financed by the Kaunas County Administration and Kaunas Municipality).
Analysis of possibilities of using alternative energy resources in Lithuania together with Alternative Energy Consulting Company "Zalioji sodyba" in Varena (financed by Varena town Municipality, since December 1995).
Study on the feasibility of re-establishing small-sized hydroelectric power plants in Varena ( financed by Varena town Municipality)., 1996
Study on Innovation situation in Lithuania and preparation of the database financed by the Lithuanian State and Studying Fund, 1997.
Study on activities of technology oriented SMEs in Lithuania financed by Lithuanian State and Studying Fund

We render various business consultations to enterpreneurs. Such well doing companies as "Empirija", Ltd., "Asviga", Ltd., "Kauno kotedžai", Ltd, JSC "Kauno dujotiekio statyba", "Ebonitas", Ltd, "Bitas", Ltd, "Sanciu autoservisas', Ltd, Kaunas IIIrd hospital and others are our clients.

The Program for Increasing of Consumption Goods Industry Competitiveness prepared by us was under the request of Ministry of Economy at the end of last year was well approved.

The centre takes part in the activity of Region Development Centre. Together with this centre we have prepared the Programmes for Telsiai County, Vilkaviskis district and Radviliskis district Economy Development. As well we prepared Lazdijai region SME development program.